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K-Fashion Spotlight: School Uniforms

K-Fashion Spotlight: School Uniforms

For Singaporeans, school uniforms are not a foreign concept. Most of us have probably complained about how ugly our uniforms are, and how much we look forward to not having to wear the same thing everyday.

It might come as a surprise then, that Koreans actually like their school uniform. But then again, I’m sure that most of us would also enjoy wearing school uniforms if they looked anything like Korean school uniforms.

'Extraordinary You' school uniform

High school uniform featured on ‘Extraordinary You’ / Image: HanCinema

If you enjoy watching idol dramas, then you’re probably familiar with what a typical Korean school uniform looks like. Pleated skirts, vests, cardigans, and blazers are some of the commonly seen components of a Korean school uniform.

Romantic Crown Woman Knit Vest in Oatmeal

Romantic Crown Woman Knit Vest in Oatmeal, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK

School uniforms are the embodiment of youth, which made them the perfect look for f(x)’s 2013 comeback title track Rum Pum Pum Pum (Wisdom Teeth), which is a pun on ‘first love’. 

f(x) Pink Tape concept photo
f(x) concept photo for their first full album Pink Tape / Image: Twitter

While they are not the first girl group to sport pleated tennis skirts and school uniform inspired outfits, they definitely popularised the school look aesthetic.

Do you know: The tennis skirt was even referred to as the ‘Krystal skirt’ as many fans started wearing tennis skirts too because of her.

K-fashion School Uniform Look

Despite the number of years that have passed, school uniform inspired looks have remained popular both in K-pop and K-fashion, with many new girl groups also rocking this schoolgirl aesthetic.

It makes them look youthful and energetic!

Groups like I.O.I are also well known for their school uniform inspired outfits, and school uniforms have become an iconic aspect of Produce shows.

I.O.I school uniform aesthetic

I.O.I suits the fresh and youthful vibes of the school uniform aesthetic perfectly / Image: Twitter

You don’t have to wear the full vest-and-blazer combo to pull off a school uniform inspired look though. It might look too formal for casual everyday wear.

Instead, pair crop style T-shirts with mini skirts for a similar look!

Opwee Youth Feeling Crop T-shirt in Sora Blue

Opwee Youth Feeling Crop T-shirt in Sora Blue, retailing at sgd45.90 at StyleupK

Ames Rimple Crop Cardigan in Blue

Ames Rimple Crop Cardigan in Blue, retailing at sgd55.90 at StyleupK

K-pop Gym Class Look

At the same time, why not rock a gym class inspired look too?

Red Velvet Russian Roulette gym uniform aesthetic

Red Velvet shows that gym uniforms can be just as stylish as regular uniforms / Image: Twitter

Fila Korea Funky Tennis Grey Platform Sneakers

Fila Korea Funky Tennis Grey Platform Sneakers, retailing at sgd118.50 at StyleupK

Gym uniform inspired looks combine the style and comfort of athleisure with the youthfulness of the school uniform aesthetic.

And if you can’t decide between a pleated skirt or cotton shorts, you can always combine the best of both worlds and try a cute cotton miniskirt instead!

Veteze Studio Mini Skirt in Navy

Veteze Studio Mini Skirt in Navy, retailing at sgd55 at StyleupK

Opwee Poupee Crop T-shirt in Ivory

Opwee Poupee Crop T-shirt in Ivory, retailing at sgd45.90 at StyleupK

Also, you can also dress down the pleated skirt by styling it with oversized tees and sweatshirts, instead of a proper blouse and vest.

Sweatshirt school uniform outfit

Style your pleated skirt with a sweatshirt for a cozy look / Image: Pinterest

Ames Pleats Check Wrap Skirt

Ames Pleats Check Wrap Skirt, retailing at sgd89.50 at StyleupK

Ames Colored Logo Oversized Sweatshirt in Purple

Ames Colored Logo Oversized Sweatshirt in Purple, retailing at sgd79.50 at StyleupK

Monochromatic school uniform outfit

Patterned skirts are great for monochromatic outfits too / Image: Pinterest

Ames Message Bear Oversized T-shirt in Blue

Ames Message Bear Oversized T-shirt in Blue, retailing at sgd49.50 at StyleupK


While we might not be as fond of our own school uniforms, you can definitely try the Korean school uniform inspired looks during the weekends and school holidays!

They are simple to style, and exude a fresh and youthful korean vibe too!

Depending on how you style your school uniform inspired outfit, they are suitable for almost any occasion—they can be dressed up for a date night outfit, or dressed down for a casual hangout session with friends.

Shop your own school uniform inspired outfit at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available! 

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