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7 Best Moments of BTS Army Philippines

7 Best Moments of BTS Army Philippines

Over the past few years, the BTS ARMY has become a global community. International fans all come together to cherish and worship the 7 group boy member kpop group.

However, some fandoms set themselves apart from others. The BTS ARMY Philippines is one such example.

bts army ph

Image: @pharmyprojteam

Looking at the rising popularity of Kpop in the Philippines, it’s no wonder BTS has such a devoted fanbase in the country.

From Manila to Quezon City, fans celebrate BTS in the Philippines in many ways. In doing so, they’ve dominated the fandom multiple times.

In this article, you’ll find the BTS ARMY Philippines’ seven best moments.

What are BTS fans like in the Philippines? Why do they receive praise from our beloved kpop idols?

Let’s find out!

1. When BTS Army Philippines Became The World’s Largest

bts army ph

Image: @mtvuk

The BTS ARMY is one of the most diverse fandoms in the world. From the US to India, there are BTS fans of all cultures, ethnicities, and geographical locations.

However, did you know that the Philippines has the world’s largest population of BTS fans?
According to Twitter data, Filipinos make up 21% of all BTS fans !

Taking the top spot is undoubtedly a huge deal for many Filipino fans.

For example, in 2018, BTS received the most likes, mentions, and follows from the BTS ARMY Philippines.

Also, the BTS ARMY is particularly concentrated in the country’s capital, Manila.

South Korea apparently has the second largest BTS ARMY with around 500,000 BTS fans.

Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia respectively have the third, fourth, and fifth largest ARMYs.

2. When They Raised $40,000 For Flood Victims



Since 2013, the BTS ARMY has been constantly acclaimed for its political activism and charitable contributions.

It’s easily one of the most politically aware fandoms in the world.

The BTS ARMY Philippines is no exception. They’ve also contributed significantly to social work in the Philippines.

For example, in 2020, the Philippines BTS ARMY raised over PHP 2,000,000 (USD40,000) in just 24 hours.

The money was to help relief efforts for Typhoon Vamco. This typhoon caused much damage in both the Philippines and Vietnam.

There were over 111 casualties and around $269 million in economic loss.

Looking at the devastating damage, the BTS ARMY Philippines launched multiple social media campaigns to crowdfund donations.

People donated both money and supplies.

Prominent PHARMY pages such as ARMY Bayanihan and ARMY Cavite Fanbase participated. The former raised PHP 362,463.91 while the latter raised PHP 324,948.34.

By contributing, BTS fans helped feed and shelter many families left homeless by the floods.

Apart from donating money, many fans in Bayanihan and Cavite volunteered in relief efforts.

Coordinating with NGOs, fans traveled to rural areas to distribute relief supplies and help affected communities.


3. When They Got Their First BTS Shoutout 

myx awards bts
For all fans, there’s nothing better than getting recognition from our beloved BTS kpop idols.

So, when the BTS ARMY Manila received a BTS shoutout last year, it was undoubtedly a noteworthy moment.

Their shoutout came at the MYX Music Awards 2020, the biggest music award show in the Philippines.

‘Boy With Luv’ ft. Halsey was nominated for International Video of the Year.

Released in 2019, the video stayed on the Billboard 100 for weeks. It even made two end-of-the-year Bill Board lists.

The first list was the ‘Top 25 K-Pop Tracks of 2019’. Moreover, the second list was ‘The 100 Best Songs of 2019’.

Upon receiving the nomination, the kpop idols took to Twitter to thank their Philippines fans for having supported them.

The Tweet said, “Thank you for nominating #BTS...We're really thankful for all the love and support of fans and everyone's support over there.”

The fans received another shoutout when the kpop group won the award.

4. When Fiipino BTS Fans Began The Free Rice Project

bts ph army

Image: @BTS ARMY Bulacan

The Filipino ARMY’s Free Rice Project is a charitable initiative to honor the BTS stars.

It’s similar to the Malaysian BTS ARMYs donation drives on the idols’ birthdays.

The initiative began on BTS’s sixth anniversary. From the BTS ARMY Manila to the BTS ARMY in Bulacan, many PHARMY members participate in the venture.

bts ph army donate rice

In 2017, the BTS ARMY Philippines donated over 100kg of rice to impoverished Filipino and Indonesian children.

These donations happened just before BTS’ Wings Tour Final Concert.

On the BTS kpop idols’ seventh anniversary, the Filipino BTS ARMY did a similar initiative. They sent 100kg of rice to Bapfor, a charity in Bulacan.

The charity works to feed poor neighborhoods, particularly the elderly and homeless. Many fans in Bulacan volunteered in the donation drives as well.

For the group’s eighth anniversary this year (2021), the Filipino fanbase upped the ante with a food drive.

Collaborating with the Childhope Philippines Foundation, they donated and distributed food to street children in major cities.

The goal of both these ventures is to end hunger in the Philippines.

5. They Received A Direct Complement From Suga

bts esquire

Image: Esquire

The BTS ARMY Philippines once got a direct compliment from Suga. In an online Q&A with BTS fans, someone asked whether he liked his Filipino fanbase.

Suga replied with an emphatic “Of course, I like Philippine ARMYs”.

He went on to complement the Philippines fanbase, calling them ‘passionate’ and ‘pleasant’.

He said he liked performing in the Philippines because the Philippines BTS ARMY was very ‘fun’.

Out of all the BTS kpop idols, Suga is the shyest. Therefore, not many fans get direct compliments from him.

Of course, everyone knows Suga expresses his love for fans through action and not words.

From press meetings to fan events, he is always smiling and warm towards his fans.

However, his support and affection for the BTS ARMY Philippines are undoubtedly noteworthy.

Many fans of BTS in the Philippines rejoiced at the comment. People even tweeted their thanks to the idol, expressing their love in return.

6. When The Pharmy Began Streaming Parties to Support The Kpop Idols

bts ph army


During global Covid-19 lockdowns, BTS ARMYs found creative ways to support their kpop idols.

Fans of Kpop in the Philippines particularly went all out. For example, the BTS ARMY Manila hosted large-scale streaming parties on their social media pages.
bts pharmy


These parties streamed popular BTS tracks and interviews. When Dynamite was released, many Filipino fans created streaming parties to enjoy the song together.

Released in August 2020, Dynamite quickly became the group’s first number-one single in the United States.

It has even received a nomination for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

However, it was just as popular in the Philippines, largely due to these streaming parties.

bts pharmy sope bday

Moreover, for the idols’ birthdays, the BTS ARMY Philippines also launches ‘birthday goals’ a few weeks before.

These goals encourage fans to stream the idols’ songs until they reach a certain number of views.

For example, pictured below are Sope’s (AKA J-Hope and Suga) birthday goals:

In this way, Filipino fans express their support to the kpop stars.

7. They Raised Important Issues on Social Media

bts ph army

image: @bangtanboysph

Like all fans of Kpop in the Philippines, the BTS ARMY does not shy away from tough issues, especially on social media.

In the past, Filipino BTS fans have raised their voices against social and political injustice.

For instance, in 2020, amid racial protests in the US, the Philippines BTS ARMY also voiced their support for the BLM movement.

Moreover, they also take up various causes supported by the BTS kpop idols. Child abuse is one example.

Jimin recently posted a hashtag in tribute of a 16-month-old murder victim. The toddler was abused and killed by her adoptive parents.

BTS fans in the Philippines saw the hashtag and child abuse was immediately trending on Twitter.

bts ph twitter

Prominent Twitter accounts such as Bangtan Boys PH and ARMY Cavite Fanbase even led Twitter campaigns.

The campaigns raised awareness. Many posts included links to relevant literature, NGOs, and national hotlines to report child abuse cases.

Like other fandoms, the Filipino makes original merch too.

Recently, an entrepreneur in Manila launched a necklace line inspired by each BTS member.

The proceeds went to NGOs providing relief to child abuse victims.



In sum, these were the seven moments the Philippines BTS ARMY ruled the entire fandom. In this way, the BTS ARMY Philippines is undoubtedly one of the group’s key fandoms.

Without the Filipino ARMY, the world would definitely be a darker place. From their social justice campaigns to their philanthropic initiatives, they do many good deeds to honor the kpop group.

Moreover, the Filipino BTS ARMY supports the group unconditionally in all their ventures.

Whether it’s buying BTS Merch or streaming BTS tracks on repeat, the group can always count on its Filipino fanbase.

If you’re interested in contributing to the work they do, look into their social media pages.

As mentioned, BTS ARMY Bayanihan and BTS ARMY Cavite lead many community outreach initiatives. However, main pages such as BTS Philippines also coordinate both entrepreneurial and charitable activities.

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