Covernat x M/G Laundry Layout Logo Tee Green


Covernat is one of the most popular streetwear fashion brand in Korea!

A refreshing laundry-themed collaboration between Covernat and Mark Gonzales. The iconic Mark Gonzales bird is submerged in a basin of water for this collection and the Covernet x Mark Gonzales Laundry Layout Tshirt has the washing tip icons displayed at the back of the shirt. This cute green shirt is a refreshing color to add to your wardrobe!

Made with premium cotton, it is comfy and loose fit.

Size: S to XL

**Most of our items are limited edition! Get it before it goes out of stock!**

Item availability fluctuate much for the limited edition items in Korea, it is recommended to contact us to confirm stock for your preferred item and size before ordering.

Items will be delivered straight from Korea. Processing of order and international express delivery to your Singapore address takes about 2 weeks once we receive your order. There may be slight unforeseen delays due to shipment or restocking but rest assured we will always keep you informed.

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