Adidas Nizza X Disney Sport Goofy Shoes White

SGD128 SGD150

Adidas disney has a new line of collection to celebrate the world 's biggest sports festival. It is not only functional, it is SO CUTE too!! Disney 's Goofy is seen showing off them athletic skills on the prints. Get the refreshing pop colored Goofy prints in white if you feel fun and black and white printed Goofy prints if you feel cool and stylish.

Available in 2 colors : White & Black

Size : 220 to 295

**Most of our items are limited edition! Get it before it goes out of stock!**

Item availability fluctuate much for the limited edition items in Korea, it is recommended to contact us to confirm stock for your preferred item and size before ordering.

Items will be delivered straight from Korea. Processing of order and international express delivery to your Singapore address takes about 2 weeks once we receive your order. There may be slight unforeseen delays due to shipment or restocking but rest assured we will always keep you informed.

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