Do you miss shopping in Korea?

Finding it hard to get quality streetwear fashion at affordable prices in Singapore or Malaysia?

Or trying to find a K-pop clothing that your idol has worn?

Welcome to StyleupK!

We curate fashionable pieces that will make anyone look effortlessly stylish.

All fashion brands at StyleupK are curated and shipped from Korea.

We promise 100% authenticity, and sincerely thank all customers for putting their trust in us. We will do our best to retain your trust! <3

Message us if you would like to get something in Korea that is not listed on our website.


Why we started?

We have enjoyed the luxury of shopping for clothes while travelling in Korea. No wonder Seoul is called a fashionable city and is known as a shopper's paradise!

However, it wasn't that easy to find great quality design at affordable prices after we returned to our countries after a trip to Korea.

Even if we are able to locate the item overseas, it is so UBER expensive!

"Wouldn't it be good to continue shopping for overseas products similar to the local prices? Shopping shouldn't be something that you wait until your next trip."

We also love Korea and the different places it has to offer other than the usual shopping districts like Myeongdong, Gangnam, Express Bus Terminal. We see many tourists spending most days at the shopping districts and thought that it would be nice to introduce the other places of this unique country to them.

And thus, we started on this journey to share the love for Korean fashion with all of you overseas. And hope that next time when you come to Korea, you will spend a bit more time to explore the beautiful country!

How we operate

Currently we operate on a mostly pre-order basis. Orders will be made at the moment your order comes in. And we will ship it out of Korea as soon as we receive the item from the k-fashion brand.

Note: Please note that some k-fashion brands might take a longer time to ship out their items. We seek your understanding on this and will keep you updated.

For Singapore customers, you can also check out the Singapore collection for instock items. You will be able to receive the Singapore instock items within 1-2 business days.

If you would like to get a k-fashion item not listed on our website, please create a custom request. We are also able to help with non fashion related items like plushies or k-pop goods.

How do we ship

We work with local and overseas courier partners to ship the items to you. 

All overseas shipments come with a tracking number.

The shipping time differs for different countries.

As a reference, Singapore and Malaysian customers will receive the item within 2-3 weeks after placing an order.

For US and most other countries, it may take about 3-4 weeks to reach you after placing an order. To receive the item faster, we recommend DHL/ EMS shipping option. 

For Singapore customers who purchase from our Singapore collection, you will receive the item in 1-2 business days from the order date,

Our Location

We are a registered company operating legally under South Korea laws and regulations. Our office is located at Yongsan, subway line number 1, in the middle of Seoul.

We also have an office in Singapore.