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Twice High School Fashion in 'The Feels' MV

Twice High School Fashion in 'The Feels' MV

Even if you’re not a fan of Twice (which you should be!), you will definitely have gotten their first full English single ‘The Feels’ stuck in your head at some point or another. Perhaps you might even have found yourself watching their 2000s teen movie inspired music video on repeat—don’t worry, that’s totally understandable.

And if you’ve watched the music video a gazillion times like we have, you might also have noticed that Twice’s fashion and styling for the music video are on point. In this article, we discuss the three different styles of outfits Twice wears in the MV, and how to put together an everyday look (that you can wear to school) with a similar vibe.

Alternative high teen

Twice Alternative High Teen Outfit

The first set of outfits we see Twice in are the same outfits featured in their teaser photos for the single. Due to the combination of grunge and high teen, this is a style we like to call alternative high teen. If the high teen aesthetic is too girly for you, or you just want to show off an edgier side of you, then this style is perfect! 

We have a separate article breaking down each members' outfit in this particular 2000s teen movie fashion style, as well as how to put together an inspired look.

Everyday look version



Prom queen

Twice Prom Queen Outfits

For most students, prom is the highlight of high school. Everyone is dressed to impress, and the members of Twice look like royalty in their pastel coloured prom dresses. While most of us won’t be wearing fancy cocktail dresses in a casual setting, that doesn’t mean we can’t put together a Twice inspired everyday look that will make us feel like prom queens.

Everyday look version

Dahyun wears Brognano's velvet ruffled mini dress, while Nayeon wears Area's pleat detail tuxedo dress. Both are light pink mini dresses that allow the shoulders to be on full display, and if you're a fan of the look but would like to keep it more casual, then Ames' Square Neck String Dress in pink is the perfect option!


If you prefer a more covered up look, then you can go for a dress with sleeves instead. Like Chaeyeon, who is dressed in NINEMINUTE's short dress in lilac, you can also rock a mini dress with long sleeves. Heart Club's line ribbon dress fits the profile, and is also available in a dusty blue colour that would fit in with Twice's prom night colour scheme.

Twice are decked out in an assortment of jewellery brands, most notably Tiffany & Co and Chaumet. We especially love Momo's Tiffany & Co south sea pearl earrings in 18k gold—not only does it match her cream dress perfectly, pearls laid on gold is a design that is both classic and versatile.

Glamorous cheerleader

Twice Glamorous Cheerleader Outfits 1

Twice Glamorous Cheerleader Outfits 2

Twice Glamorous Cheerleader Outfits 3

Cheerleaders are an iconic aspect of most teen movies, and while Twice has already pulled off the cheerleader concept for ‘Cheer Up’, these outfits definitely feel like a more glamorous take on the cheerleader aesthetic. The printed numbers are reminiscent of varsity uniforms, but the sequins and sparkle also make them resemble burlesque dancers, resulting in a look that is both sporty and showy.  

Everyday look version

While numbered jersey tops are not too difficult to find, they might not be cropped as shortly as Twice's outfits, but this is nothing a little DIY can't fix! Other than adjusting the length of the top, you can also stitch a band of elastic fabric along the bottom hem, which will not only make the hem look neater, but also give the top a slightly more form-fitting fit, like Chaeyoung's top.

Alternatively, you can also start with an ultra cropped top as a base and then stitch your own jersey number onto the top.



Finally, complete the look with a cute miniskirt! Twice's outfits have plenty of details such as patterns and frills, so it would be good to look for skirts that also have a little detail that adds an extra spark to the whole outfit.

Is high school fashion only for high schoolers?

Our answer is: no. While there are certain environments that require a particular style of dress—for example, office wear is usually separate from casual wear—there are no age restrictions when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your teens, your twenties, or even your thirties, as long as you have the confidence to pull it off, you can wear anything that you like.

Go for an alternative high teen look if you’re feeling a little rebellious but still want to look cute, or rock the prom queen inspired outfit on a night out with your girlfriends, the possibilities are endless.

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