New 2021 Ambler Korea T-shirt Designs Will Make You Go Aww...

Ambler Korea really knows what a good piece of clothing look like. Basically, it should not just clothe its wearers, but also make them feel good too!

Just look at their collection of cute teddy bear, gorilla and aliens designs on oversized T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies!

They are just simply gorgeous and can be matched easily with any bottoms! (Did we mention that these are embroidery designs and not printed ones?)

We also love the affordable price point too. It's really made for you and me for a nice comfortable daily wear.

Recently, they have released several new T-shirt designs for their 2021 S/S collection. Let's check them out!

1. Ambler Korea Yoga Bear Oversized T-shirt

ambler yoga tshirt
No more cute Teddy Bear sitting graciously. This teddy bear attends yoga too and it can definitely do some sleek yoga poses!

ambler korea yoga tshirt

Just look at the cutest Ambler teddy bear doing its best on the various yoga poses. Which ones do you recognize?

The light brown bears look amazing with the black base of the oversized T-shirt. The dark background gives even more attention to the beautiful design.

Available in 3 sizes S, M and L.

2. Ambler Korea Bear Transform Alien Oversized T-shirt

ambler bear transform alien tshirt
Look at the process of a bear changing into an alien right in front of your eyes!
ambler bear transform alien tshirt
Say goodbye to the Ambler Korea bear! It will be replaced by the green alien which will disappear from the Earth. Until it manages to find its UFO, that is.
ambler bear transform alien tshirt
Available in 2 colors black and white, and 3 sizes S, M and L.

3. Ambler Korea Oops Bear Oversized T-shirt

ambler korea oops bear tshirt
Oops! It seem like the head of the Ambler teddy bear has fallen down. We need some help here!
ambler korea oops bear tshirt
This amusing T-shirt design will definitely crack you up whenever you see it. Wear it to crack your friends up too!
ambler korea oops bear tshirt
Available in 2 colors black and white, and 3 sizes S, M and L.

Please note that these three new Ambler T-shirts designs are only available from S to L sizes. The XL size is not available for these new 2021 designs.


What are you waiting for? Get one of these adorable Ambler oversized T-shirts and bring them out on the streets!

Who says that streetwear can only be basic logo T-shirts? Teddy bears are so in-thing this 2021 !

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