The Ultimate Review Guide to Marhen J 2021

Have you heard of Marhen J? It is one of the Korean bag brands that is causing waves overseas. It also has a huge fan base in countries like in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

It seems to be one of the korean fashion brands that started out more popular overseas. Probably because there are too many designer bag brands in Korea, which makes competition stiff. Also, many Korean women do not carry canvas bags unless it's the summer season.

Marhen J - Korean Vegan Bag Brand

Marhen J Vegan Bag Brand Styleupk

The vegan leather bag brand might not have designed for the overseas customers in mind. But their sturdy bags and great functionality has hit the chords with its overseas fans.

In this article, we will go through the history of Marhen J and go through the designs of Marhen J bags. We will also inform the addresses of their stores in Korea and also how to check the authenticity of their bags.


Similarities of Marhen J Bags

Before we go into the detailed breakdown of the Marhen.J bags, let's first look what they have in common first.

1. Inner Compartments

The most unique quality about Marhen J is not its exterior design, but its inner compartmentalization!
Most of Marhen J bags come with a 4 pocket inner compartments:- 2 at the side for tumbler and umbrella and 2 at the inner front and back for notes or keys.

This is how style means function. And is helpful for busy ladies to keep their items organized. Say no to fumbling for your keys in your bags!

2. Waterproof Coating

Most of Marhen J bags also have an inner waterproof lining. In the event of light showers, or in the case when you accidentally place the bag on a wet surface, it helps to keep your items dry.

Also, in the event when your waterbottle leaks and spills inside the bag, you can be assured that the water will not leak out of the bag and make a stain.

3. Durable Material

Marhen J pays much attention to the material they use for their designer bags. Unlike other canvas bags, their canvas are thick and durable.

Other than their canvas series, their other bags like Ludy and Lolly are also made with great material sourced locally.

4. Bottom Padding

A bottom padding is placed inside all Marhen J canvas bags to protect the shape of the bag. And to prevent them from changing their shape when a heavy load is placed inside.

5. Made in Korea

All their bags are made in Korea. All authentic Marhen J bags also come with a hologram hidden tag to check its authenticity.

Marhen J Rico Bag

Marhen J Rico Bag Styleupk
The rico series is one of the first generation of Marhen J bags. All the rico bags have a longer length with a shorter width, which exudes a more feminine vibe.

Many women like this series as it is casual yet fashionable. Let's take a further look at the breakdown of this rico series of bags.


Marhen J Rico Bag All Black Styleupk

Marhen J Rico Bag All Black Styleupk. Image credit: @marhenjkorea

The original Marhen J rico bag is a all canvas tote bag. It has a open top and comes with a non adjustable strap.

A4 folders can be placed inside a rico bag, but with some slight difficulty.


Rico mini

Marhen J Rico Mini Bag Fuchsia Pink Styleupk

Marhen J Rico Mini Bag Fuchsia Pink. Image credit: @marhenjkorea

Rico mini is a smaller version of Rico. It is made for a more casual weekend kind of vibe. It comes with an adjustable strap.

Rico comfort

Marhen J Rico Comfort Sand Beige StyleupkMarhen J Rico Comfort Sand Beige. Image credit: @marhenjkorea

Rico comfort can be said to be the upgraded version of the original rico bag.
The main differences are the top zipper and the padding at the handles for a softer grip. Strap is non adjustable.

Rico v2

Marhen J Rico Bag V2 Red StyleupkMarhen J Rico Bag V2 Red. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Rico v2 is a more elegant form of rico. It uses more PU material in its design, especially at the handle and Marhen J tag. The non adjustable strap is also made entirely out of PU. Like the rico comfort, it has a top zipper. A unique difference is the additional card pocket at the front.

Rico Fluffy

Marhen J Rico Fluffy StyleupkOh my girl, Jisoo, recommends Marhen J Rico Fluffy. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Rico Fluffy was released in winter. It looks like the Marhen J rico has put on some warm winter clothing! It looks warm and cozy and makes it a nice accessory during winter.

Do you know?

Marhen J will be releasing rico bags made with antibacterial material in the near future! Stay updated on their release!

Marhen J Ricky Bag

Marhen J ricky is also one of the first generation of Marhen J bags. It has a longer design compared to the rico series and gives off a more hipster vibe. Personally would recommend guys to get ricky instead of rico if possible.


Marhen J Ricky Bags Styleupk

Marhen J Ricky Bags. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Like rico, ricky bags have an open top. It comes with a non adjustable strap.

It can also fit in a 13in macbook.

Ricky mini

Marhen J Ricky Mini Bag Ivory StyleupkMarhen J Ricky Mini Bag Ivory. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Ricky mini is the small version of ricky bags. It also has an open top. It comes with an adjustable strap.
The difference is it has 2 inner pockets instead of the usual 4.

Note: Marhen J might be phasing out the ricky bags as many of it are sold out and not being restocked.

Marhen J Roy Bag

Marhen J Roy Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Roy Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Marhen j roy series is also a huge favorite. They have up the game by adding the professional vibe into a canvas bag. The roy bags have a top cover that closes with magnetic clasps, double tags at the front and its two handles can be clipped together.


Marhen J Roy Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Roy Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Roy is for the professional adults. It has a huge space, and can even fit in a 15in macbook! It also has a phone holder at the back of the bag for easier removal. Comes with an adjustable strap.

A small disadvantage is its weight which stands at about 1kg, perhaps because of its additional top cover.

Roy Mini

Marhen J Roy Mini Bag Black Styleupk

Marhen J Roy Mini Bag Black. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Roy mini is the perfect size for school or work. It gives off a smart casual look and the many colors allow you to mix and match with outfits!
It might be difficult to fit a 13in laptop, but 11in laptops or ipads would be fine. Comes with an adjustable strap.

Roy Nano

Marhen J Roy Nano Bag Heart Signal Styleupk

Marhen J Roy Nano Bag Heart Signal. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

This bag is small, but it's so cute! It's more for a casual day out. Instead of 4 inner pockets, it has only 2. Comes with an adjustable strap.

Marhen J Ludy Bag

While we are talking about Roy Nano, let's talk about the Marhen J Ludy. This feminine bag comes in 8 colors, including the limited edition ludy lavender. It is a bestseller in 2020 and it is no wonder.

The bag design and size is similar to a roy nano, it is cute and for casual wear. But instead of canvas, the bag is made with artificial leather material, including its strap. This exudes a more elegant and poised feeling, which draws many fans in.

However, this series has since ceased. We wonder if the korean bag brand will be bringing in ludy any time soon!

Marhen J Lolly Bag

Marhen J Lolly Bag StyleupkMarhen J Lolly Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Lolly Bag is another popular series in 2020. This newly released mini bag is just the perfect size as a lunch companion. You can place your mobile phone, some cards and money in it. 

This handy bag also comes with a long sling for you to strap it over your neck as a lanyard or shoulders as a small bag. Now, there is no need to hold your phone and wallet for lunch. Because there is a new fashion bag to bring them in!

Lolly Season 1

 Marhen J Lolly Season 1 Bag StyleupkMarhen J Lolly Season 1 Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

This series is the most popular one. It comprises of black, baby pink, mint and silver. People love the simple colors that match easily with outfits.

Lolly Season 2

Marhen J Lolly Season 2 Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Lolly Season 2 Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

This series is also called the lolly glow. It comes in glow charcoal, glow pink and glow blue. And the bag gives out a shiny gleam, which makes it pop with outfits of basic colors.

Lolly Season 3

Marhen J Lolly Season 3 Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Lolly Season 3 Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Series 3 also come in 4 colors:- pink purple, pure white, yellow and charcoal grey. It uses matte material just like season 1, and the colors are more fun and quirky.

Lolly Season 4

Marhen J Lolly Season 3 Bag StyleupkMarhen J Lolly Season 4 Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

This series is released at the end of summer, and the colors, which comprise of beige, brown, navy and green, are more fall season.


Marhen J Milly Bag

Marhen J Milly Bags StyleupkMarhen J Milly Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Milly is created for professionals who have to bring out laptops often. This bag is designed to protect the laptop while retaining its stylish feature.

The MarhenJ milly is made with high quality recycled material, called regen fabric. It is environmental friendly, yet is durable and waterproof.

Like the other MJ bags, this collection also comes in an inner pockets. But, the back pocket is enhanced into a well padded laptop pocket. The 2 side pockets are also enhanced with drawstring, so as to ensure the items stay in place when the bag is carried over your shoulders. The front inner pocket is split into holders for wallet, phone and pens.

In addition, the bottom padding of the milly bag is also embossed and thicker, for an even better protection of the bag.

Other notable features are the small details like the zipper and strap ring. They are made with more durable material to suit the function of this laptop bag.


Marhen J Milly Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Milly Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

This is the larger Marhen J laptop bag, and can fit in most 15in laptops. Its weight is about 800g.

Milly R

Marhen J Milly R Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Milly R Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Milly R is the smaller version of MJ Milly. It can fit in most 13in laptops. Get this one if you carry around 11 or 13in laptop, or tablets.


Marhen J Koy Bag

Marhen J Koy Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Koy Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

The Koy bag is newly released in 2020. It is a mini bag that is made with a combination of canvas and PU material. It reminds me of the rico bag v2, which also uses canvas and PU, which also comes with a card pocket at the front.

Personally, I think that this bag is classy, and the black or ivory base goes well with most outfits. It also comes with the Marhen J signature strap!

But the size is a bit small, and it misses out on the usual MJ inner compartments!

Marhen J Lena Bag

Marhen J Lena Bag Styleupk

Marhen J Koy Bag. Image credit:@marhenjkorea

Lena bags can be said to be the most feminine line of bags Marhen J have currently. It is a drawstring bucket bag made entirely out of artificial leather, and is a nice companion for weekend dinners.

However, the shape of this bag is not able to accommodate MJ usual inner pockets too.


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