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Popular Korean Street Fashion Styles And How To Pull Them Off

Popular Korean Street Fashion Styles And How To Pull Them Off

Because Korean fashion is trend-based, people may have the misconception that K-Fashion is homogenous and everyone dresses the same way. However, a quick stroll down popular youth hotspots such as Hongdae will show how diverse Korean fashion is! 

Let’s take a look at some unique Korean street fashion styles, as well as some tips on how to style an outfit in each particular style.


This is definitely one of the most popular and well-known Korean street fashion styles—oversized tops paired with oversized bottoms, styled with accessories such as baseball caps and bucket hats. While this style has its roots in American street fashion and the hip-hop scene, Korea has taken its own spin on the style.

In order to achieve a more Korean style streetwear look, you can tuck your top into your bottoms to accentuate your waist. You can also tie your oversized tee and turn it into a cropped top.

Logo tees are a definite staple for the hypebeast look. Not only does the minimalistic aesthetic look super cool, it is also very versatile, and you will be able to wear the same top multiple times without it getting boring.

Sweatpants that are tapered at the ankles are also a great choice as you will be able accentuate your legs without having to give up on comfort.





Fans of girl groups such as Lovelyz and Oh My Girl are likely to be familiar with this style. While girl crush concepts have become popular in K-Pop—and thus in K-Fashion as well—in recent years, that doesn’t mean that the sweeter, more feminine style is no longer in trend. 

Layers are a key component of this style. Cardigans and light jackets are a great way to add layers that are not too thick, or you can even layer with jewellery and bags. This style is great for those of you who are girly girls at heart, and especially if you’re a fan of pretty pastel colours.


Pleated skirts have been a popular trend in K-Fashion for a while, thanks to the various school uniform style stage outfits worn by many K-Pop groups, and it seems like it will stay trendy for a long time.






Old is new, according to the latest Korean fashion trends. Vintage pieces have always been popular in fashion circles—especially in hipster culture, where secondhand thrift shopping is common—but newtro isn’t just about replicating the fashion style of past decades. What makes newtro different from regular vintage styling is that it combines the aesthetic of retro fashion with more contemporary styles.

The rainbow strip on the back pocket of these Opwee jeans has a super cute retro feel!



Chunky sandals are definitely a retro aesthetic, and if you’re feeling extra bold, you can even try wearing your sandals with socks for an extra blast to the past vibe.



The term ‘Korean fashion’ does not simply refer to one style. K-Fashion is very versatile, and a single piece of clothing can be styled in different ways to fit different styles. Your options are limitless!

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