5 Korean Bag Brands besides Marhen J that you should know

Hallyu has spread the Korean fashion craze worldwide. And so of course it has influenced fashion in Singapore as well. Everyone wants to follow the Korean fashion style and look their best. From korean style clothing to accessories, the fashionistas want it all.

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The one thing you will definitely need is a trendy bag to complete your look. So today, we will look at some popular Korean women bag brands that you definitely have to check out! Whether you like women shoulder bags or pretty Korean wallets, there will be one that suits your fashion style. Read on to find the best Korean bag to go with your outfits.

Take Instagram pictures with Donkie bags

Donkie Korea is a women bag brand based in Korea. This Korean bag brand is popular for its self-design and handcrafted bags. They pay great attention to the quality of their bags and you can be sure to get your money worth! Their bag collections serve both fashion and function. Check them out and you'll understand what's the fuss is about!

 donkie alium bag cream styleupk

Donkie Alium Bag Cream (Retailing at SGD 60 at styleupk. Available in various colors)

Donkie Korea ensures bag quality is in place

Korean women prefer bags that are practical, chic, date worthy AND not forgetting, instagrammable. Donkie bags fulfill all these needs. Because Donkie has their own bag factory, the korean bag brand is thus able to have more stringent checks on the bag quality.  Also, their shoulder bags and handbags come in a variety of colors to choose from. You will definitely be able to find one that suits your fashion style and personality. Their women sling bags are feminine, lightweight and made for the chic modern women.

Donkie cherry bag (Retailing at SGD 85 at styleupk. View the whole collection here.)

Red Velvet Irene loves Donkie

Donkie Korea is also for made for the streetwear fashion of Korean celebrities. Look at how chic kpop idol Red Velvet Irene looks with this Donkie Golden Rod shoulder bag in black! The crossbody bag exudes a casual style. However, the quality finishing and sleek bag design complements her casual semi formal fashion style. Carry this Donkie Golden Rod shoulder bag for a weekend date or to office on casual Fridays!

Donkie Golden Rod Bags retail at SGD 68 at styleupk. Check out the other colors here.)

Bring a cute Donkie bucket bag to wow your friends

Donkie almong bag brown (Retailing at SGD 75 at styleupk. Check out the other colors of Donkie almond bags here.)

 A bucket bag you need for picnics or a casual hangout is Donkie Almond bag. It’s a retro tote bag with drawstring fastening. It's not only cute, it's so functional because you will be able to see all your items at one glance! The drawstring is not only a pretty detail, it also protects privacy and against pickpockets.

Get feminine with the new Donkie Alium bags

Donkie’s Alium bag is another feminine stylish looking bag. It is newly released for FW 2020! It has an iconic shape, generous capacity and drawstring closure. The strap adjusts for comfortable cross-body or as a shoulder sling bag. Unlike the Donkie Golden Rod bag, the Alium bag has a more gentler edges and a more feminine vibe.

Donkie alium bag green styleupk

We love the Donkie Alium Bag Green. It's such a unique color to add to the wardrobe and makes a fashion statement on its own! (Retailing at SGD 60 at styleupk).

Get organized with Marhen J bags

Marhen.J is one of the bestselling Korean bag brands in Singapore. Not only are Marhen.J bags aesthetically pleasing, they are also great for organization too! There are different compartments for your waterbottle, umbrella, files etc. It is really made for the busy women! 

Go environmentally friendly with Marhen J

This Korean bag brand is famous for its vegan leather bags.  They are also huge on being environmental friendly. In fact, the Marhen J Ricky Backpacks are made with 100% recycled material!

Marhen J Ricky Backpack All Black (Retailing at SGD165 at styleupk.)

Besides made with 100% recycled nylon, the Marhen.J backpacks can fit A4 too. It also have detachable shoulder straps to switch for a Marhen J Ricky shoulder bag style. Also, the bag also has a zipper on top, which we note is an improved addition from the Marhen.J Ricky tote bag. Whether you're using it as a schoolbag or office backpack, the Marhen.J backpack will do its job well.

Go back to the basics with Marhen J ricky and rico bags

Marhen.J Ricky is a collection of canvas bags amazing for a smart and casual look. These tote cum shoulder bags are waterproof and sturdy enough to hold all your stuff and laptop. The ricky bags sport a longer look and we recommend them for the office ladies and men for a stylish office look. Marhen J ricky is also carried by Shinee Minho. It gives off a casual laid back style.

Marhen J ricky bag black 

On the other hand, Marhen.J Rico bags sport a similar design but is wider than Marhen.J Ricky bags. As a women bag, they are more recommended for a casual day out. The Rico bags come in basic colors like black and ivory and also vibrant colors like indi pink and jetstar red. Many kpop celebrities like SNSD Sooyoung like the Marhen j rico bag too! Watch the review of Marhen J rico V2 all black here!

SNSD Sooyoung carries the Marhen J rico bag jetstar red

When you want to travel light, go for Marhen.J Rico Mini, Ricky Mini, Nano Bag or the Marhen J Ludy Bags. They are smaller versions of the bigger Marhen j canvas bags.

Marhen J Ludy Indi Pink and Marhen J Lolly Pink

Marhen J nano heart signal

Lunch breaks with Marhen j lolly

We love how Marhen J listens to its customers and design their bags for their fans! They have been releasing many new designs and one of them that caught our eye is definitely the Marhen J lolly bag. It is just the right size and can place the phone, cards and have a zipper pocket for coins too! With the lanyard sling, we can bring the Marhen j lolly bags with us easily for our lunch breaks too!

Marhen j Lolly Pink (Retailing at SGD 75 at styleupk)

SNSD Hyoyeon looks great in Marhen J Lolly silver!

Marhen.J is the most chic Korean bag brand for women in Singapore right now! Check out the entire Marhen J collection at styleupK here. Worldwide shipping and free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia above SGD80.

Flaunt your personality with Mutemuse Amuse Bags

Mutemuse is a Korean bag brand that is popular for its handbags of superior quality and design. It specializes in mixing art and simplicity for a unique bag design. This women bag brand takes inspiration from daily life to create simple yet attractive bag designs. Their most popular shoulder bag is the Mutemuse Amuse Bag. This Mutemuse Amuse bag collection is a hit in the fashion world.

 Mutemuse amuse bags styleupk

Mutemuse Amuse Bags in various colors and matched with the different Mutemuse designer artwork straps. They go well with both casual and formal clothing. Amuse Bag retails at SGD 365 at styleupk. Check out Mutemuse Amuse collection here.

Mutemuse Amuse Bag Beige (retailing at SGD 360 at styleupk. Check out the Mutemuse Amuse collection here.)

mutemuse amuse bag black styleupk

@du.yy Mutemuse Amuse Bag Black (Retailing at SGD 360 at styleupk)

mutemuse amuse bag blue styleupk

@jhkyeong Mutemuse Amuse Bag Blue (Retailing at SGD 365 at styleupk)

Mutemuse Amuse Bag Camel is a great companion to the cafe for a teabreak with the girlfriends! The pretty design will sure be a head turner!

Each Mutemuse Amuse Bag comes with its same color basic strap. But many love to switch it for the Mutemuse Artwork Straps to showcase their personality. Each of the artwork strap is crafted by Mutemuse designers and they are available in many designs and colors. The most popular one is definitely the Mutemuse Bad Girls Artwork Strap. The strap has this written on it: “Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere”.

 mutemuse amuse bad girls strap styleupk

mutemuse amuse bag beige styleupk

@rakeiyah Mutemuse Amuse Beige with Bad Girls Artwork Strap

Look at how this girl styles herself with one Mutemuse Amuse bag every single day of the week. 

The Mutemuse Amuse bag is artistic and hip and the strap will give you the confidence and style you'll need.

Travel light with Joseph & Stacey pleated totes

Joseph & Stacey is a Korean bag brand known for their functional pleated totes. It has overturned the stereotype of bags having to be of a certain look or style. Backed by well known CEO designers, Joseph and Stacey bags are not only functional but also irresistibly pretty!

joseph and stacey lucky pleats M watermelon

@_movely_kids Joseph and stacey lucky pleats M watermelon (Retailing at SGD 120 at styleupk).

joseph and stacey lucky pleats M strawberry milk

@so._.home Joseph and stacey lucky pleats M strawberry milk (Retailing at SGD 120 at styleupk).

Joseph & Stacey pleats feature in Korean shows

If you love fashion and also the environment, Joseph & Stacey Lucky Pleats are perfect for you. It's a line of eco bags that are unique and pretty. The appearance of the Lucky Pleats Knit M Santa Monica in the Korean reality dating show Heart Signal 3 created waves in Korea.

heart signal 3 joseph and stacey styleupk

Joseph & Stacey Lucky Pleats Knit M Santa Monica was featured in the Korean dating show Heart Signal 3. (Retailing at SGD 120 at styleupk).

Many women love the simple, durable and foldable designs of the bags. It also makes for a great stash away bag for travels! Anyone who buys it doesn’t stop raving about the colors and convenience. These bags not just come in plain colors but also a variation of color tones. Many Korean celebrities love Joseph and Stacey Lucky Pleats Knit Bag too!

Kpop idol group DIA Jung Chae-yeon carries Joseph & Stacey Lucky Pleats Knit M Santa Monica.

gangnam beauty joseph bag styleupk

Joseph and stacey lucky pleats M strawberry milk (Retailing at SGD 120 at styleupk) also appeared in the Kdrama Gangnam Beauty.

Exciting Joseph and Stacey collaborations

Joseph and Stacey recently released a new pleated bag for a collaboration with Laneige. 

Called the BFF edition, it includes one Joseph & Stacey Lucky Pleat Knit Bag and Laneige cosmetics. It was sold out in a couple of days!

An exciting upcoming collaboration is the Jospeh and Stacey x Samsung Korea for the release of the Samsung Note 20 phone. The Korean women bag brand will be releasing women bags that complement the colors of the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. We look forward to the release of Joseph & Stacey x Samsung bags!

Never go wrong with Find Kapoor Bags

Find Kapoor is one of the most popular Korean bag brands in Korea and South East Asia. Their designs are a work of art, aesthetic and original. Find Kapoor prides itself in being classic and trendy, appealing to everyone's taste. This Korean fashion brand experiments with colors and patterns to create amazing designs for the modern women.

Find Kapoor Stich Solid Light Purple (Retailing at SGD 215 at styleupk)

Find Kapoor's Pingo 20 is their bestseller collection. You can wear the Pingo 20 bag as a shoulder bag or crossbody. They are light and soft, and fashionable at the same time. The special thing about this bucket bag is its straps. You can switch from the wristlet strap to using the sling and change your entire look. The bag is spacious and chic, guaranteed a good Korean bag to invest in. The Pingo 20 Stitch Solid Bags is the go-to bag for summer and spring. We recommend the Pingo 20 Stitch Solid in Mustard for a good match to sunny Singapore!

Find Kapoor Stich Solid Mustard (Retailing at SGD 215 at styleupk)

Go stylish minimalist with Salrang wallets

Are you a minimalist fashionista who wants something small, useful and pretty? Well then, get a Salrang wallet! Salrang is a Korean wallet brand known for its simple and stylish wallets. Salrang uses good quality material to make durable and trendy wallets for daily use. Their women wallets also have many designs and colors for you to choose from.

Get organized with Salrang wallets

Salrang Dijon Card Wallet Cherry Red (Retailing at SGD 58 at styleupk. Check out their many colors!)

Besides its style, Salrang's wallets are also big on organization. There is space to keep your coins and also many card holders inside the wallets. One of the wallets worth mentioning is the Salrang Dijon Round Card wallet.


Salrang Dijon Round Card Wallet Apricot Blush (Retailing at SGD58 at styleupk).

It has rounder edges and comes with a cute matching colored tassel. It might look small, but open the Salrang wallet and you will be surprised! There are 7 card holders and also a coin compartment! The back of the wallet also has an extra card holder to place your ezlink card or a frequently used bank card. Just tap your Salrang wallet when you are taking the bus or paying by Visa payWave!


Salrang Dijon Round Card Wallet Apricot Blush (Retailing at SGD58 at styleupk).


Salrang Dijon Round Card Wallet Apricot Blush (Retailing at SGD58 at styleupk).

This Korean style wallet is what you need for a more feminine style!

Brighten your mood with Salrang Wide Card Wallets

Salrang Wide Card wallet has a sleek design with many pockets in the front and back. These wallets are stylish and practical at the same time, and will definitely brighten your mood with their vibrant colors!

salrang card wallet styleupk

Salrang Wide Card wallet are available in various vibrant colors. Retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk.

If you want that casual Korean women look, this Salrang wallets are for you. Salrang’s vision is to make products that say 'ease and happiness'. And for sure, the small, lovely wallets say exactly that. Shop for the entire Salrang collection here.

Achieve elegance with Korean style bags

Korean bag brands are all about minimalism and elegance. Bucket bags, shoulder bags and canvas bags are on in trend right now in Korea. And to jump on this bandwagon, we have given you the perfect list of Korean brands to check out. Sport these chic Korean bag brands and ride the Hallyu Wave with style. Check them out and other Korean streetwear fashion at styleupK.

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